Humanely Killing a Skunk Trapped in a Cage

Humanely Killing a Trapped Skunk

You trapped the skunk but now you do not know what to do. Whether because of legal limitations or because you do not want to run any risks, you do not want to relocate it. The only option left is to kill the animal.

Killing the animal is a necessity at times, unavoidable. The part that worries you is making it humane. You do not want the animal to suffer by any means, and there are popular methods out there that do just that.

Causing an animal to suffer through poison, drowning, and similar methods is cruel. With other options out there, there is no reason to do this. You can humanely kill the skunk.


With the skunk trapped, it makes for an easy target. If you have a gun, shooting it in the skull will work to kill it.

Death by gun is a quick, painless choice. A shot through the skull will create no suffering or pain, leading to an instant death. It is not going to hold on for any amount of time, assuming you do it right.

Make sure that you aim accurately and do not hesitate. If you miss, the skunk will suffer and you will have to take another shot at it.

Blunt Force Trauma

You can use blunt force trauma to kill the skunk. Using some sort of large, heavy object, hit the skunk squarely between the eyes. Hit it hard enough to kill it on impact.

This can work, but you will have to be careful with it. The skunk may feel threatened or may spray when you attempt to do this. It is not going to be as easy to accomplish as shooting it.

Professional Assistance

If you find yourself unable to kill the skunk for whatever reason, professional services can assist you. There are experts who can remove and kill the skunk instead. They can use methods that you do not have access to, like injection.

Professional wildlife and pest services may be your best bet if you cannot do this yourself. They have the ability and tools to handle the situation risk-free.

Killing a skunk is not always avoidable. When relocation is not an option, you will want to find a legal and humane method of killing it while it is in a trap. There are methods available that work and that will not lead to any suffering.

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