One-Way Exclusion

Whether you shriek at the sight of a rodent or you strive to kill it, rodents have been labelled unwanted guests and with their unattractive qualities, it's understandable. In the wake of humane and inhumane killings, some have decided to forgo killing altogether and find a more cost effective means of reducing rodents population at home. They want to get free of the ugly smell a dead rodent brings, nor do they want to spend on traps anymore. 

Rodents are not just nuisance, they are destructive and can serve as disease carrier. Using traps and poison might be effective for a period of time, keeping them out is the most efficient means. Before deciding to kill rodents off, have you tried the One-way exclusion? The biggest reason why rodents will come back is to get enough food and water. They probably have a route that leads them in and out of the house or possibly just the way in. The one-way funnels does something similar, in the other way round. Rodents do not move in, they move out with no return route. 

The one way funnels have a funnel-like structure, made normally of steel mesh with holes too small for a possible escape. Its one-way door is the most unique feature with an opening that is big enough to allow entry but tight enough to prevent any forceful exit. Since it has mounting wings, it can be removed to allow the rodents return to their "home".

Using one way doors reduces the risk of getting diseases transmitted by contact with rodents. One way doors help to reduce the risk of bites, scratches and is done without any close contact. It is very effective as rodents don't have to get familiar to use. Rather than trapping and preventing the chance of feeding and eventually leads to death, it leads a pathway for rodents to return to their natural habitat. 

Using one way doors don't require a manual for installation. It is relatively easy to set up. The first step is to seal off all entry point except the one you intend to use. These doors can be made of any suitable material ranging from steel wool to plastic. With most excluders having mounting wing which allows them to be placed at the exit point. The rodents have just one point of call:  outside your home. Leave excluders for a few days to allow complete movement. Take off excluders and clean up environment, rid them of droppings to prevent a future reoccurrence. 

A simple method to use but might not be effective without the help of a professional. Rodents have varying sizes and might fall for this innovation. Besides, you might overlook the possible entry point as you lack the complete experience. This might involve climbing to find these points, which clearly requires a professional. One way doors are a much better option than traps and poison, only when handled by a professional. 


Free of contact? A win-win situation for both households and rodents. One way doors keep us both in our natural habitat.

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